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Injuries Mounting for BYU Football in Spring Camp

If you enjoyed last year's BYU spring football game, hopefully you have a good memory of it. The 2012 spring game has been downgraded to a short scrimmage due to the injuries piling up on both sides of the ball. WR Ross Apo and LB Brandon Ogletree are the latest injury victims, though both are hopeful to be back by fall camp.

Apo suffered a dislocated shoulder after getting tangled up with some other players, and the staff is awaiting his MRI results. If surgery is needed, it will be done immediately so Apo can recover in time for fall camp.

Ogletree, meanwhile, has a fracture in his foot that he suffered during a drill. Also injured was offensive lineman Brock Stringham, who will be out 2-3 months with a fractured fibula.

The injury list is now as follows:


The tight-end trio that all happened during last season...
Austin Holt (ACL)
Richard Wilson (ACL)
Devin Mahina (neck)

LB Kyle Van Noy (shoulder)
DL Jordan Richardson (herniated disk)
CB Preston Hadley (shoulder)
K Justin Sorensen (back)
OL Braden Brown (shoulder)
OL Houston Reynolds
OL Ryker Matthews
QB Jason Munns (foot)
DL Russell Tialavea (foot)
WR Dallin Tollestrup (shoulder)
DL Justin Blackmore (foot)
RB David Foote (shoulder)
OL Fono Vakalahi (ankles)


WR JD Falslev (ankle tendinitis, has kept him from full speed for most of spring camp)
OL Kyle Johnson (stroke -- Yes, stroke. And yikes.)
WR Ross Apo (shoulder)
LB Brandon Ogletree (foot)
OL Brock Stringham (fibula)

Some good news is that Reynolds, Matthews, Holt, and Wilson all participated in non-contact drills yesterday. But the lack of depth, especially at offensive line, is what will keep a spring game from occurring.

While prognostications for the biggest players -- Van Noy, Apo, and Ogletree, as well as seemingly every returning OL from last year -- seem positive that all will be ready for fall, I still hold my breath hoping there aren't setbacks that can cost some of these players games.

Hopefully the injury bug has run its course and spring can conclude a bit more peacefully, if you will.