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Rise & Shout: March 5 Morning Links

BYU's whiteness challenges stereotypes, and a BYU commit wins Mr. Basketball in his home state. This and what else we are reading this Monday morning:

Dan Wolken of Fox Sports and The Daily wrote a very interesting article positing that BYU's whiteness and style of play challenge prevalent sports stereotypes. I feel it interesting to note that Wolken was in Vegas for the WCC Tournament and saw BYU play first hand, not just through a TV set.

BYU class of 2012 basketball commit Jordan Chatman was just named the state of Washington's "Mr. Basketball," according to his father on Twitter. (Also of note: we love Jeff Chatman, but his use of LOL in that tweet is ... interesting.) Jordan recently dropped home an 85-foot full-court heave that should have tied the game in his team's state semifinal, but his three-pointer seconds before was only counted as a two.

So apparently those tweets we saw about "unruly Gonzaga fans" and "someone just got punched" were true.

And get over to and vote for Dave Rose in the Charity Challenge. It's for the kids!