Don't Be Surprised if Cusick Doesn't Get a Scholarship

Just a quick thought: I was pondering this last night, and comments from Greg Wrubell today made me want to at least throw this out there -- don't be completely surprised if Craig Cusick doesn't end up with a scholarship.

In no way am I saying he hasn't earned it and doesn't deserve it. I'm just reading between some lines.

Two days ago, Dave Rose told Jay Drew the following:

He said that he has had several conversations already with walk-on guard Craig Cusick about getting one of those [scholarships], but nothing has been decided.

"That will be something that will be ongoing during the offseason. We will address it again in the fall. But there hasn't been a decision made yet."

He also said:

Are there still some Division I-caliber players out there who would consider BYU?

"Yeah, we are still involved with quite a few guys," he said. "I feel good about [the prospects of signing at least one], but you don't really know until you get them signed and they are here."

Then yesterday, the official release from BYU ended with this:

The Spring signing period continues through May 16 and the BYU coaching staff will continue to look to add depth to the roster for the 2012-13 season.

To me, all this makes it seem like Cusick isn't a lock to get that last scholarship after all. Maybe Rose is talking to some guys about walking on for a year and getting a scholarship later. Guess we'll wait and see.

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