CFB Relegation Series

The Mothership ( is running a series of pieces on what would happen if college football instituted a relegation system like you see many places in the soccer world. One of the pieces to come is a look back at the last several seasons would have been shaped if relegation was in play. I'll update this post with all the articles so you can have the whole series in one place.

5/14 - Relegation: Why College Football Needs to Embrace Cannibalism
Spencer Hall argues the merits of a relegation system.

5/15 - What We Can Learn From Soccer Relegation
CFB editor Jason Kirk digs into the nuts and bolts of how relegation works.

5/16 - Jason Kirk divides ALL of CFB into 5 regions, 7 tiers each
Setting up the review of the last 7 years.

5/17 - 7 Years of College Football Relegation Simulated
Bill Connelly tackles the beast. What teams get relegated?

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