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Quick Poll: Independence or Big East?

This is the song that never ends. According to, either BYU or Air Force is expected to join the Big East in 2015. I'm going to keep it simple: Indy, Big East, or depends on TV deal? Vote in the poll and leave your reasoning in the comments!

The assumption is BYU would remain in WCC for other sports, and join Boise and SDSU as football-only members.

(And make sure you check out this week's Rise & Shout Podcast while you're at it.)


It wouldn't let me actually close the poll, so I had to delete it. It was no longer insightful -- the poll might as well have had a button for BYU and a button for Boise State.

But before Boise fans hijacked the poll, it was trending right around 60% Independence, 20% Big East, and 20% Wait for the new Big East TV deal.

Thanks for voting!