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Fox Sports President: "No Truth" To Sunday Issue With BYU

It never hurts to ask. So a friend of VTF, Brian, decided to ask somebody about the rumors that BYU and Sunday play is an issue for TV partners of the Big 12, something passed around the interwebs and promulgated by our favorite Big Time realignment rumormonger. He went straight to the top and emailed Randy Freer, co-president and COO of Fox Sports Media Group. (After all, why would it be ESPN, the Big 12's other TV partner, involved with the issue when they already have a generous contract with the Cougars?)

Here was the simple response, as forwarded to me from Brian:


Randy, there is a rumor going around that BYU can't get into the Big12 conference because Fox would require them to play on Sunday. A lot of us BYU fans are wondering if there is any truth to the rumor. We really just want the truth so I thought I would ask the man in charge. Thanks for your time,

Brian, Layton, Utah


Thanks for asking. No truth at all to that rumor.

Thanks again for taking the time and interest to ask.


So...there's that.

(And please, I'd ask you not email Mr. Freer just because he answered Brian. Represent the BYU fanbase in a better way than that. I'd block out his email, but it is available online with not much searching. I'm sure he has more to do than to become a direct source for all fans wanting realignment and TV contract info. Brian beat us all to it, so let's just leave it that way.)