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Podcast 68: Conference Realignment with Bill Connelly

We can't stop talking realignment, and this time it's with returning guest Bill Connelly, a college football writer with SB Nation. Bill gives us his level-headed view of the conference realignment situation, including why he thinks BYU is not likely headed to the Big 12. Bill and Adam also discuss SB Nation's recent series about using a relegation system in college football, why that would be awesome, and why it will never work. Matt joins Adam to answer you #Tweetbag questions, talking about Adam's BYU football season rankings, and why Vegas has BYU pegged as an 8-4 team in 2012. Also on the podcast: Maria Sharapova's unlikely fiance, why exactly that's a clown question bro, and John Walsh's career arch. Listen here (below the jump), download us on iTunes, and follow us on Twitter @byu_riseshout.