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My Favorite BYU Highlight

There are a lot of great highlights in BYU's football history, so picking one is difficult. But I've made my choice for my favorite highlight and I present it to you below. What is yours?

I was a young lad early in my BYU fanhood. The Cougars were in the midst of a special, special season. At 13-1, they were slighted out of a bid in one of the big-four "Alliance" bowls, as we used to know them. A bid to the Cotton Bowl pitted the Cougars against the 9-2 Wildcats of Kansas State, led by the wizard himself, Bill Snyder. K-State was right in the middle of Snyder's amazing run where the Wildcats finished in the Top 20 in 10 of 11 seasons, five of which were Top-10 finishes.

After scoring the go-ahead touchdown, BYU was letting K-State get way too close for comfort in the closing minute until Omarr Morgan saved the day. (This is actually my YouTube video. Lacking technology, I put in my VHS tape and recorded it on my camera. Hey, it was five years ago!)

What's not to like about that highlight? It has it all. A linebacker blitz. A great read from a defensive back. An oh-so-vintage Brad Martin (RIP) with raised helmet. Ben Archibald as a freshman backup o-lineman telling his mommy "hi." A young Brandon Doman congratulating his elder teammates. A balding Chad Lewis taking the field like nothing was happening, then pumps up the BYU crowd. Steve Sarkisian taking knees. BYU becoming the first team in CFB history to win 14 games (and to play a total of 15).

That's my favorite highlight. What's yours? It doesn't necessarily have to be your favorite BYU highlight or memory, it can even be a sports highlight you find funny. Comment below with a link to video, if you can find it!