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Podcast 69: The changing recruiting landscape with Jay Drew

* Why Are We Obsessed With November?
* BYU Nominees for SBN HOF
* 2012 Walk-on Connor Noe
* Season Rankings 15-13
* My Favorite BYU Highlight

This week's Rise & Shout Podcast focuses a lot on recruiting, for both football and basketball. We change things up and bring Matt on before our guest. Adam and Matt talk about what's going on inside the minds of 17 year-olds (only football and basketball topics), answer your questions from the #Tweetbag, and discuss Adam's most recent entry into his football season rankings. Jay Drew of the Salt Lake Tribune then joins Adam to talk about impact freshman (not likely), how recruiting has changed over the past 5-6 years (not for the better), and also a little Tiger Woods. This certified 100% awesome podcast can be listened to here (below the jump) and always on iTunes. Like what you hear? Want to have your voice heard? Tweet at us (@byu_riseshout) or email us at