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3 Most Disappointing Losses of My BYU Fanhood

I happened upon a video of The Jimmer draining a deep, game-tying shot in the Sweet 16 game from a few years back. While it made me nostalgic for the days of Jimmermania, it also brought back some of the disappointment that attended coming so close to the Elite Eight.

It got me thinking: What are the 3 most disappointing losses of your BYU fanhood? On Monday, I'll give you my 3 most satisfying.

My quick list is below; Vote yours in the comment section

Most Disappointing

  1. Florida State 54 (7) BYU 28 (Football, 2009): Fresh off of an upset victory over #3 Oklahoma and a dominating performance against lowly Tulane, the Cougars entered LaVell Edwards Stadium amped and ready to take the next step toward a BCS appearance. Christian Ponder and Greg Reid wanted no part, as the Seminoles gave the Cougars a whoopin on their own home turf. It was discouraging because it felt like BYU had finally made the next step in its progression. Sadly, it was a sign of things to come. I remember listening to the chorus of Nole fans in the north endzone, (@KilroyFSU among them), chanting the Tomahawk Chop late in the fourth quarter. I have not forgiven him. Yes, it still hurts. You can hear what I heard here. Le sigh. Coolest chant in sports, though.

  2. (21) Boise State 28, BYU 27(Football, 2004): The year before, the Broncos had totally humiliated the Crowton-led Cougars by nearly 40 points in Provo. In 2004, with the aid of one of the toughest non-conference schedules in the country, the rebuilding was going slower than most in the program desired. On a late night on the Blue Turf, playing a ranked team with nation's longest winning streak, it looked as if BYU might have turned the corner. The game is known for Matt Payne's big hits and the emergence of a dynamic Beck-Watkins-Collie triumvirate. With BYU trailing by one point with just seconds left, Payne lined up for what would be a game-winning field goal. It sailed wide right and I fell into depression. One of my good friends, Matt Bauman, who was on that 2004 team as a Freshman said that Bronco Stadium was bar-none the loudest stadium he had ever played in. Small compensation.

  3. (2) Florida 83, (3) BYU 74 (Basketball, 2010): I know what you are thinking, how can this be all that disappointing when you knew Brandon Davies' suspension the previous month had already sealed the Cougars fate? Well, BYU had not been to this point in the tournament since the days of Danny Freakin Ainge (see, before my birth). After a favorable draw, a winnable game against Florida was the only impediment to BYU being one game away from the Final Four. And who would BYU have played in the Elite Eight had Jimmer not had his worst game as a collegiate and Kyle Collinsworth made a few free-throws? Butler. /purchases 44 oz. caffeine-free Dr. Pepper to properly drown sorrow.

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