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VTF Membership Agreement

|| The following is the Vanquish The Foe "Membership Agreement" which members of the community have agreed to upon joining.

Welcome to Vanquish The Foe, a platform for discussing BYU sports. All are welcome to join, BYU fan or not, as long as you participate in a conscientious and constructive manner. Spirited debate is encouraged, but please respect other contributors/readers.

If your main purpose is to try and stir up other fans with emotionally-charged statements that have little relevance to the site/article, we encourage you to find a message board site and take your talents there. Posts/comments that are profane, vulgar, blatantly racist, bigoted, or inflammatory as deemed by moderators will be deleted without notice. Repeat offenders will be warned and/or banned. Use of the terms "zoob" and "yewt" will shorten your leash when it comes to benefit of the doubt with moderators.

Any posts that contain substantial content that originally appeared behind a paywall (like a subscription-only ESPN Insider or article) will be edited to remove the subscription-only content.

Likewise, posting links to illegal streaming sites is not allowed.

Please come with well-thought-out comments and insights that help make VTF a desired destination and healthy community for BYU and college sports fans. Feel free to visit the "-POST ON VTF TODAY" link in the Sections at the top of the site's left sidebar for more information on ways to participate on the site.

By joining the VTF community, you agree to be a respectful and awesome participant.

Thank you!