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Time for more Big 12 talk? Time for more Big 12 talk.

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You know that's right. Our most-least favorite thing! Be ready for yet another round of Big 12 expansion rumors.

What has changed this time? Just the fact that the new Big 12-SEC "Champions Bowl" contract might require both conferences to have a conference championship game.

That, of course, means the Big 12 needs to actually have 12 teams in it again (currently: 10) in order to stage a conference title game.


So BYU fans, prepare for another round. (What is this, the fifth round?) Let us join with our friends who root for Notre Dame, Florida State, Louisville, and Clemson in getting through all the angst, annoyance, or whatever other emotion constant realignment news causes in you. Of course, we should probably wait until someone who doesn't write for a subscription-only site reports something about this ... naw, when has that ever stopped any of us before?

I'm going to the store to buy some Tums and several two-liters of Dr Pepper. Let me know if I can pick anything up for you.