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BYU-SLC to Host Tailgate & Viewing Party for Utah Game

courtesy BYU-SLC
courtesy BYU-SLC

Great news for the burgeoning BYU tailgating scene!

An official tailgate and viewing party event is set to be hosted by the BYU-Salt Lake Center on Saturday, September 15th for BYU's football game against Utah. Tyler King, the center's social media coordinator, confirmed the final approval of the event to me today.

"We want everyone, not just students," King told me via email. "We want to show BYU students and SLC residents how awesome the BYU-Salt Lake Center is."

The tailgate is set for the center's south parking lot and will begin as early as noon. For those who won't have tickets to the game, the viewing party will begin at 6:00 pm (kickoff at 8:00 pm) on a 22-foot blowup screen and HD projector.

King said the event is set to be sponsored by Deseret First Credit Union and the Downtown Alliance. They are still awaiting word from the BYU athletic department on its official involvement with the event.

Make sure to follow BYU-SLC on Twitter and Facebook for updated info as the event approaches, and follow @TailgatingBYU for information on all tailgates this season.

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BYU-Salt Lake Center Tailgate and Viewing Party

• 345 W North Temple
• Sat, Sept 15th
South Parking Lot
• Tailgate: 12:00 pm
• Viewing Party: 6:00 pm

22-foot HD projector screen
• Raffle
• Prizes involving social media