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Rise & Shout: Aug 15 Links

Good morning, Cougar fans! The season is just 15 days away. So. Close. Here's what we're reading:

We lent a hand to the Oregon State site Building The Dam to give them an update on BYU as the season approaches. Looks like Brett is feeling a bit optimistic, eh?

Yahoo's Mike Huguenin ranks BYU's wide receivers as a Top-10 WR corp based on performance and expectations for the coming year. On one hand, I really like BYU's receivers. Falslev is as money as you can get in the slot, and Apo and Hoffman are the first of their kind at BYU. But it also feels like they've under-performed, but that has likely been due to quarterback problems. Either way -- it's "high hopes" time again.

Jared Lloyd writes that Cougar RBs are prepping for a big role in the passing game. Sounds like we may see a more Chow-like offense in that regard, perhaps?

The SL Trib has a spotlight piece on Jordan HS sophomore QB Austin Kafentzis, who currently sits with a BYU offer as his only one.

Notre Dame site Her Loyal Sons seems to think BYU's limit to contact in camp so far will mean something by the time the Cougars go to South Bend (BYU's 8th game).

Prerequisite read: Day 11 of Camp on Greg Wrubell's Cougar Tracks.

Here's an interesting video comparing previous BYU forwards to SLCC transfer Agustin Ambrosino.

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