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BYU Football Predictions From @PredictMachine has run the 2012 football season 50,000 times in its "Predictalator," pegging USC as the most likely national champion, who will beat Alabama in the most likely BCS title game matchup.

What did the Predictalator have to say about BYU's season?

In the simulations, BYU ends up with the average record of 8.8 - 3.2. Unempirically, since I don't have the exact data set, this means that the simulations likely fluctuated between BYU finishing 8-4 and 9-3, with 9-3 being the more common result. That also means that if you venture to bet, according to the Predictalator, betting the over on BYU's common win-total line of 8.5 might be a good bet.

The predictions also extend out to opponents-of-opponents simulations to create power rankings. BYU ranks 41st in the power rankings.

Here is a look at predicted average win totals for each of BYU's 2012 opponents as well. Utah and Utah State are looking good. Overall, the predictions have 7 of BYU's 11 FBS opponents being bowl-eligible, with Oregon State teetering on the brink.

Washington State - 6.4
Weber State - NA
Utah - 8.0
Boise State - 9.0
Hawaii - 5.5
Utah State - 7.9
Oregon State - 5.7
Notre Dame - 7.5
Georgia Tech - 6.7
Idaho - 5.2
San Jose State - 6.1
New Mexico State - 3.1