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Podcast 75: Jay Drew talks Riley, RBs and hoops

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Jay Drew returns to the podcast to talk about some of this week's football camp storylines. Do the Cougars have depth problem at RB or OL? Why is Riley Nelson ragging on himself? Jay answers. He also talks Damarcus Harrison and what his departure means for BYU Hoops. Read more and listen below the jump.

Matt joins the podcast to talk Stephen Strasburg and Olympic withdrawal. Adam and Matt actually talk about the Cougars, including previewing the RB and QB positions, as well how worried they are about Washington State. They finish with some hoops and play Cougar Nation's favorite little game, Answering Machine. You'll rise, you'll shout, you'll be wondering where an hour of your life went. Listen below, download us on iTunes, and follow us on Twitter @byu_riseshout.