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The Unbearable Lightness of Being a College Football Fan in August

We are less than a week away from kickoff. In childhood Christmas terms, this is the point when the anticipation of opening a gift becomes a physical sensation - a loss of appetite and a butterfly feeling that steadily intensifies until the long-awaited moment arrives.

For the sake of sheer catharsis, I have written a few notes in anticipation of BYU's 2012 campaign:

  • As Brandon Ogletree once said moments before BYU earned a literal last-minute comeback victory, I believe in Riley Nelson
  • I have been smelling barbecued meat in my daydreams for weeks
  • 54-10 is as vivid a memory as the birth of my child
  • My hopes for BYU's 2012 season are off the charts, and I have no problem with that
  • I believe that in 2012, Riley will defend my honor and get the first blowout victory against Utah in sixteen years
  • Out of sheer giddiness for football, I am considering inviting Boise State fans to watch football in my home
I am supposed to feel better now, right?