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Podcast 74: Greg Wrubell Talks Fall Camp

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Greg Wrubell of KSL joins Adam for a record-breaking 9th appearance on the podcast. The topic du jour is BYU football fall camp. They discuss some of the major storylines, including Bronco's discipline and what can be done to prepare a QB for 2013 without jeopardizing 2012. More below the jump!

Greg finishes his appearance (before triumphantly throwing down his mic) by expressing enthusiasm for BYU's awesome 2013 basketball recruiting class, recently ranked No. 6 by (ESPN Insider subscription required to see link). Matt comes on next to endlessly banter about the Olympics, why he thinks James Lark should be the 2012 QB if Riley Nelson goes down, and they answer an excellent slew of #Tweetbag questions. It's fun and peppy, and it's getting you ready for some football! Listen here (below the jump), download us on iTunes, and follow us on Twitter @byu_riseshout.