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Bronco Mendenhall Stares Down Hooligan Utah Fan Wearing Suspenders

A Utah fan taunted Bronco Mendenhall as he walked off the field after Saturday's game against Utah. What did Bronco do?

I don't think Bronco was looking to fight, but I love that he makes this fan own his boast. The guy is clearly intimidated when he realizes his bluff has been called, and he backs away as Bronco stands his ground.

This is the perfect response to this kind of hooliganism. Bronco Mendenhall is not a violent man. He's not a pushover either.

Updated editor's note from Brett Hein:

Can you blame the guy? Two trips in a row, BYU coaches and players have had to endure quite a bit of senselessness from Utah fans meandering about the field on some degree of a mixture between adrenaline and alcohol. What kind of fanhood is that, anyway? Your team wins a big game with an exciting ending, and your first instinct is to go after fans of the other team (or if you are at the game, to go after its coaches and players) to mock them?

I've never understood that flavor of fanhood.

Nevertheless, instead of dwelling on that idiocy, I'd rather enjoy Bronco Mendenhall's reaction -- and the reaction it's drawing nationally. It's a small consolation after the loss, but Utah's not coming out ahead on this one:

Tom Cella, editor of Utah's Rivals site, on why fans probably shouldn't be on fields at all (regardless of venue):

UPDATE: Jeremiah Jensen of KSL has uploaded the original source video:

And the even fuller version courtesy of KSL's Dave Noriega:

Before seeing the full version, I didn't think this could look much worse. I was wrong. Besides revealing a very audible "F--- You Bronco!" this longer version shows Suspenders Kid following and yelling at Mendenhall for a full minute.