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Podcast 81: BSU fall out and Hawai'i preview with Greg Wrubell

In Podcast 81, Adam is joined by Greg Wrubell to recap Boise State and dissect two of the most remarkable, and disappointing, BYU games in recent memory. But first Matt and Adam return to the dark hole that was the BSU game and preview a (hopefully) easy win against Hawai'i.

Otto Kitsinger III - Getty Images

In episode 81, Adam is joined first by brother Matt. First up: NFL replacement officials and their lack of credentials, skills and huevos. Then they journey to a very dark place and recount what went wrong against Boise State, and also what is going so right with the BYU defense, including reliving The Stand. A series of awesome #Tweetbag questions send them into discussions of the ineptness of the BYU offense, and the coaching staff's incredible infatuation with Riley Nelson.

The voice of the Cougars Greg Wrubell of KSL then joins the podcast for a stunning 10th time (at minute 51) to talk about the two-point decision, Riley's health, players not making plays, and coaches makings good calls. Greg also laments that a season with so much promise now has fans worried about bowl eligibility.

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