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Stat Update: S&P+ rankings for BYU and Hawaii

Football Outsiders has released updated statistical rankings following last week's games. Here's how both BYU and Hawaii are stacking up. (Hint: BYU's defense, still really good.)

Otto Kitsinger III - Getty Images

BYU's defense ranks 4th in the nation, according to the latest S&P+ statistical rankings from Football Outsiders.

If you aren't familiar with S&P+, it's a ranking developed by Football Outsiders to account for more than just yards and points gained, scored, and allowed. It factors in success rate of plays, points per play, and strength of opponent. So in addition to how many yards a defense gives up, it accounts for how many yards the defense should give up to the given opponents on the schedule.

On overall defensive ranking, BYU trails only Alabama, Oregon, and LSU. Before the Boise State game, BYU's defensive S&P+ was 6th. When looking specifically at stopping the run, S&P+ says BYU is second only behind Alabama.

The offense, however, is a different story. The Cougars rank 108th out of 124 FBS teams in offensive S&P+.

According to the S&P+ measurement, Hawaii comes to Provo with the 82nd-best offense and the 112th-ranked defense.

For more explanations of the rankings, make sure to check out FO's Offense Ratings and Defense Ratings pages.