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Hawaii Highlights: Links to better know the Warriors

Game day is tomorrow! every day! (edit by BYU marketing).

Here are some stories to help you get to know the Hawaii Warriors a bit better:

Norm Chow preaches responsibility, something he learned at a tender age
"We don't coach a ball. How do you tell a ball what to do? We teach young men the game of football, and all of the lessons that go along with football."

A pro-set offense can be helpful -- to your defense
"I think I've always had the belief you win games on defense. And you can play great defense by not having your defense on the field."

Breaking even will be hard to do for the Warriors
Chow came to UH pledging to "chase championships," but the reality is with all that is on the Warriors' plate this year - new coaches, new systems, transitioning players, etc. - that chase will have to be taken up in a subsequent season.

For Chow, it's trip down memory lane
In his first month as head coach, Chow returns to two stadiums where he crafted much of his resume as one of the nation's most celebrated offensive coordinators.

Well-traveled Duke grad finds comfort zone at UH
Although he couldn't have anticipated some of the twists in his path, there is a full-circle element to Sean Schroeder's arrival in Hawaii.

Taimatuia draws strength from those he can trust
Taimatuia is supposed to be living in a UH dorm. Instead, he keeps a small portion of a scholarship check that is supposed to cover room and board, then gives the rest to his family.