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Podcast 78: Dick Harmon on Lessons Learned from WSU

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In an action-packed podcast that eclipses one hour (can you blame us? We're excited for football!), Adam first chats with Dick Harmon of The Deseret News about what he learned from the first game and what we should expect Saturday against Weber State. Matt also comes on to talk about takeaways from week one and to answer your #Tweetbag questions. Read more and listen below the jump.

Other topics with Dick include: Taysom Hill's role on the team; the emergence of the defensive backfield; and that the most important thing the Cougars can do against Weber State is not get hurt. Other topics with Matt: what they learned about Boise State, Alabama, Michigan State, and Georgia Tech in week 1; why if you cover major sports and think stats are for geeks living in their mother's basement, you should get a new job; and they explore the inner-recesses of Adam's mind. All this and as much as they could pack into 64 minutes. Download and listen via iTunes, and follow us on twitter @byu_riseshout.