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9-Line Prediction! BYU v. Weber State

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Welcome back, folks, to your friendly neighborhood Mormon Bookie! The 9-Line Prediction is a true/totally made-up Las Vegas-style sportsbook for the upcoming BYU football game. In fact, it is just a step up from this.

Here we go!

First, a look back at last week's book:

9-Line Washington State Recap

1. Washington State points: 24 - Prediction: UNDER - Result: Win!

2. Awkward Crowd Shots of Zoob: 6 - Prediction: OVER - Result: Win!

3. The term ‘mission trip': 0.5 - Prediction: OVER - Result: Loss!

4. BYU total rushing yards: 250 - Prediction: OVER - Result: Loss!

5. Pass Attempts for a BYU player not named Riley: 1 - Prediction: PUSH - Result: Win!

6. Washington State pass attempts: 50 - Prediction: OVER - Result: Loss!

7. Times a BYU player will lose helmet: 4 - Prediction: OVER - Result: Loss!

8. Total Points Scored: 62 - Prediction: UNDER - Result: Win!

9. BYU (-12.5) - Prediction: COVER - Result: Win!

Last Week: 5-4

Season: 5-4

To the week at hand!

9-Line Prediction: Weber State (0-1) @ Brigham Young (1-0)

1. BYU personal foul penalties: 1.5 - I made a comment while watching the BYU/Washington State game that the Provo Cougars may just set the NCAA record for most personal foul penalties in a single contest. I'm sure a Miami Hurricane team from the 90's hold this record. It just feels right. BYU won't need to commit any personal foul penalties on Saturday because the game will be a snoozer midway through the second quarter. But they will do it anyway. UNDER

2. BYU TD at 10:00 mark of 1st Quarter - Much like the Idaho State game last season, the Cougars will dominate this one from the opening snap. UNDER

3. Weber State rushing yards: 50 - The Wildcats had 67 yards on 29 carries in their Week 1 loss to Fresno State. The BYU front seven is better than any tWSU will see all season. [This analysis brought to you by the mtn] UNDER

4. BYU sacks: 6 - The 3-4 scheme of Bronco Mendenhall puts great emphasis on the outside rush. The BYU defensive lineman will clog the middle and provide ample opportunities for Kyle Van Noy, Spencer Hadley, and Ezekiel Ansah to wreck havoc in the backfield. And when you can't run the football, you are bound to give up more sacks. OVER

5. BYU players who will take a snap at QB: 2.5 - Was the Taysom Hill package simply a scheme designed for Washington State? Is it even necessary when playing a school from the FCS? I think we see it again on Saturday. As well as a number of snaps from Mr. James Lark. OVER

6. Times played on BYUTV: 2.5 - No Comment. OVER

7. John L. Smith references: 2 - Full disclosure: I am a proud graduate of Weber State University. This game is the most difficult for me to watch. It's like a battle between Church and State. Obviously, there is no doubt where my loyalties lie in football. That being said, I love Weber and want the best for the program. I resented John L. Smith for leaving his (and my) alma mater high and dry for the green (weedier) pastures of the SEC. Then, I met him at a local Ogden area restaurant. Then, I saw that he just filed for a Chapter 11. His leaving for the $ makes a lot more sense. There is always more to the story than we see in the newspaper. No way BYUTV fails to mention him a few times. PUSH

8. Second Half Points from BYU: 13.5 - Bronco Mendenhall was appalled at Oklahoma State pouring 84 points down the throat of Savannah State. (Even though the Savannah State coach said Mike Gundy and the Cowboys played it as sportsmanlike as they could have under the circumstances) Still, 12 touchdowns is, well, a lot. No way Bronco allows the game to get too far out of hand. BYU will have scored enough points in the first half to be able to coast in half number two. UNDER

9. BYU (35.5) - The BYU offensive line, which was the only unit that under-performed in the Cougars blowout Week 1 win over Washington State, will look like a Celestialized version of itself tomorrow afternoon. Playing an FCS squad will do that to you. Whether this shine will remain throughout the season is another thing. Truth is, with nagging injuries during Fall camp, the offensive line has not been able to find a good rhythm with one another in full contact conditions. The Weber game will be a boon to that development. It begins and ends in the trenches and BYU has such an advantage on both sides of the ball. Look for a quick start. COVER --- BYU 48 Weber State 6

MISC: First BYU TD is defensive (+340), Weber 3-and-Out on first series (-150), Attendance: 55,000 (Under)

Leave your predictions or set your own lines below!