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Rise & Shout: Sept 7 Links

Rise and shout, Cougar fans! Here is what we are reading this morning:

Gratuitous promotion alert: We revealed our site's new logo earlier this morning. Check it out!

Awesome stuff here for the Thursday Heroes program and the Bronco and Holly Mendenhall Foundation. Former BYU linebacker Markell Staffieri (who once upon a time wrote for this site) is keying up the Hero Ride that will go from BYU to Boise.

Nate Meikle explains the "negligible effects of pre-game pep talks."

Jay Drew of the Salt Lake Tribune posted a good highlight piece of BYU youngster Jamaal Williams.

BYU women's soccer made SportsCenter's Top 10 plays last night. This goal, from BYU's 5-0 drubbing of Texas, came in at #3.

Another good highlight piece from the Salt Lake Tribune, this one on young BYU secondary coach Nick Howell's coaching rise.

Make sure to check out this week's podcast and our Weber State bio.