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BYU releases Joe DuPaix and Ben Cahoon

The changes to BYU's offensive coaching staff continue.


Multiple sources are reporting today that running backs coach/recruiting coordinator Joe DuPaix and receivers coach Ben Cahoon have been released from their positions, indicating that returning offensive coordinator Robert Anae is indeed completely revamping BYU's offensive staff.

BYU fans had mixed reactions to the news. Cahoon was well known from his BYU playing days as well as his superlative career in the Canadian Football League, and DuPaix was known to fans largely because of his enthusiastic presence on Twitter.

Both DuPaix and Cahoon coached in Provo for two years. These were the two coaches thought to have the best chance to retain their positions on the BYU offensive staff. Replacements for both have yet to be named.

Brandon Doman's status as the BYU quarterbacks coach has yet to be officially announced.

Here is Greg Wrubell's writeup on the change.