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The Banner: The recruiting bylaw changes and BYU

The Lochner Era of Recruiting is upon us!

Erich Schlegel

The ever-adjudicator of Banana Republic justice, the NCAA, is set to change its policies regarding recruiting. My man Lance Archibald, who writes for the BYU Rivals site, reviewed the changes and gave some analysis of said changes. I'll paraphrase.

The rules have become more lenient and Archibald feels that BYU assistant coaches will not spend the time necessary, leading to a disadvantage because other schools certainly will.

The specifics: Unlimited communication between coach and recruit. No more dead period. Text messaging and unlimited mailings are now allowed. The limitation on how many coaches can be out on the recruiting trail at the same time has been lifted.

You'd think that the deregulation of the industry would bring an era of good feeling to those currently in the business. Interestingly, many media reports have concluded that the new found freedom will result in the Wild Wild West, with few barriers to rein it in. Heaven only knows how the SEC will handle the new changes. /logs on to

Time will tell whether Lance's worry and/or the Industry's hesitance will bear fruit. I treat recruiting as an arms length proposition. I don't enjoy giving these spoiled kids the recognition they so fervently seek. I have more important things than to think about than the decision-making process of some minor. (Get off my lawn)

That being said, I understand the necessity of recruiting and do not fault others for taking part in the process. I enjoy when a highly-touted recruit commits to BYU just as much as the next guy. But, the equation of BYU landing recruits early in the process + the missionary program + grey shirt / red shirt = I won't see a typical recruit for maybe 7 years!

Either way, the recruiting boulder will continue to roll and the new regulations, or lack thereof, will only add to the drama.