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BYU Football Independence is a Failure

The writing is on the wall

George Frey

After glancing at the 2013 schedule, it is clear that Football Independence is not working.

  • The number of Tuesday and Wednesday regular season games has put too much pressure on the academics of the football squad, not to mention made the games harder to attend.
  • The inability to get BCS opponents to travel to Provo is frustrating. I mean, Idaho State?
  • Playing five or six games on ESPNU leaves me disappointed at the current ESPN deal, and even longing for a return to mtn.
  • BYU's inability to gain any traction on national TV is causing a noticeable dip in recruiting.
  • November opponents such as Wisconsin and Notre Dame are just not cutting it.
  • I miss playing Wyoming and Colorado State.
  • The games aren't in the afternoon anymore.
  • That MWC patch looked great on the blue and white uniform.
  • BYU's attendance has declined to near Rice Stadium levels.
  • BYU Legal Counsel is a ‘piece of work' and all one needs to do is look at the football behemoth that is the Big East Conference to understand why.
  • Those crazy Mormons are just giving away money by refusing to subsidize other football programs.
  • When will BYU realize that it isn't Notre Dame and just join a conference already?
  • Does BYU really think it is going to win a national championship?
  • It looks more and more evident that the BYU brass is going to have to think long and hard about a 2-for-1 arrangement with not only Utah, but Utah State as well.
  • It's clear that Football Independence is not working.

Below, Anderson Cooper sums up the above argument, and all the similar, constant ridiculousness we've heard for over two-plus years:

And Bronco's reaction to Anderson's dismissal

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