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Thou Shalt Not Compare Marshall Henderson to The Jimmer

Just don't do it.

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Ethan Miller

From elbowing Jackson Emery (who sold it like a European soccer star) to forcing his name and club to the front page of the sports section, Marshall Henderson is quite the story.

Don't know it? Well, this gif from The Big Lead sums up Mr. Henderson's on-court antics.

Some have tabbed this Reverse Renaissance Man as The Bizarro Jimmer. Sure, both Marshall and Jimmer are white basketball players, shoot-first point guards, and take a number of questionable shots but this is where the comparisons should end. The difference between Marshall and Jimmer being that Jimmer actually made a good number of his questionable shot attempts.

Henderson is shooting just 38 percent from the field, and the 19.2 points per game average is accomplished on heavy usage and good free throw shooting. Fredette finished his senior season averaging 28.9 points on 45 percent shooting. Looking at the advanced metric of PER (Player Efficiency Rating), Henderson is at 20 while Fredette, at 30, is fifth-best all-time since the NCAA started tracking the statistic.

Henderson is a solid player and the fact I spent 10 minutes writing about Ole Miss basketball is probably the greatest troll of the new year. I just wish the media would rein in the lazy parallels. Use a guy like Doug McDermott from Creighton if you're going to make the comparison. But drawing similarities between Marshall and Jimmer is like equating Bubba Sparxx to Eminem, Oasis to Radiohead, or The Doors to Led Zeppelin. You just don't do it.

UPDATE: This episode from the Marshall Chronicles happened less than 12 hours ago.