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2012 VTF Community Awards

Thanks to all of you who made Vanquish The Foe grow in 2012!

Zach Bloxham and myself took over with the current team as blog managers in late December, 2011, just days before the Armed Forces Bowl. Now, just over a year later, we've had a lot of fun as Vanquish The Foe has grown in visibility and respect.

Sure, we're still relatively small, but I'd still stack VTF up against any BYU blog as the premier blog destination for BYU football and basketball. Call me a homer.

Adam and Matt Mangum have done a fabulous job with the Rise & Shout Podcast, bringing in compelling guests and keeping us all entertained. Zach's fabulous Big 12 satire piece ended up being the best Greg Swaim troll of all time. We've begun to be called upon by local radio to help contribute. Hey, we even broke the Taysom Hill injury/surgery news. It's been fun!

Part of the fun is no doubt you, our community members. To all those who commented in game threads, debated in story comments, and posted FanPosts, thanks!

To give proper recognition to all of you, here are the community leaders for VTF in 2012 (with myself and Zach removed):

Most FanPosts

Dr. Nick 5
king.nothing 4
kwlarson 3
ArtDirector 2
Kevan Lee 2
MakJae9 2
MakJaeTDP 1
@Matt_Quinney 1
Purple Wimple 1

Most FanShots

kwlarson 13
MakJaeTDP 13
Purple Wimple 1
Dr. Nick 1
Delicious Blanket 1
BYU&BoiseRock 1
Jeremy Mauss 1

Most Comments

kwlarson 435
holly96 322
king.nothing 231
CougOnTheHill 200
Adam Mangum 163
Dr. Nick 163 136
Keith Harten 104
Geoff Johnston 99

In addition to our contributors who make things tick around here, special thanks to Dr. Nick for FanPosts and bringing the stat heat in comments, kwlarson for being our GIFmaster, and holly96 for always being there in Game Threads.

Here's to a better 2013! Go Cougars!