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Spencer Hadley in Bronco's hands

Inside sources (Greg Wrubell) report that Hadley is back. . . well at least halfway there. He still has to pass Bronco's set of requirements.


According to Greg Wruebell, BYU announced today that Spencer Hadley is cleared to practice again (a bit surprising as tomorrow's game would be game 4 of his 5 game suspension). Whether or not he'll play tomorrow will be based on a set of requirements that Bronco has for him to fill, a set of requirements that Bronco mentioned after the loss to Utah.

Why let him off the hook early?

Spencer Hadley was set to serve a 5 game sentence. Why after only 3 games are they putting him in Bronco's hands? We asked this same question on Twitter.

For a university that believes in mercy just as much as it believes in shaving your beard, it's no surprise that they would consider such an option, especially if he had been checking-in regularly with admins of the school. If he means what he said to the inmates in this Sports Illustrated article, then he had change coming for a while now and he was ready to do it, regardless of the suspension. If that's the case, then the past 3 weeks have been more than enough time for the administrators to see his change.

Bronco's requirements

Like many of the team rules, these requirements are kept close to the chest. It's Bronco's team and he has vowed to look after his players' well-being, in every aspect of their lives. For Spencer Hadley to earn his spot against Georgia Tech, he's likely going to have to prove that he's done more than just waited out his term. He's going to have to prove that he's changed.

Whether or not that means extra hours of service or simply making a real promise that Bronco will believe, you can bet that it'll mean showing a change in Hadley's life, not merely waiting out the punishment.