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BYU vs Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech comes into Provo for only the second time. The Cougars are 2-1 against them while winning one of the games at home. The Yellow Jackets want revenge from the embarrassing loss last year at the hands of Jamaal Williams and company.

BYU vs Georgia Tech 2012
BYU vs Georgia Tech 2012
Scott Cunningham

Game day is upon us! In a few long hours our beloved team will walk out of their locker room, pat the ROC, will rumble through the entrance and charge back onto their turf. Waiving flags while running through the family and friend tunnel, the Cougars will amp up the crowd for the game that will match Cougars and Yellow Jackets! Last year the Cougars sent the Yellow Jackets back to their nest, with exception to one that took a kick to the house.

The Yellow Jackets are looking for revenge and would love nothing more than to quiet the 60,000 plus fans, while sending the Cougars back to their caves. Both teams bring in strong defenses and will rely on them heavily. Both offenses want to prove that they can play and win games. The Yellow Jackets offense is ready to prove that the beat down of their running game by BYU was an anomaly and that it won't happen again. BYU will work to defy the run strength of the Georgia Tech defense, but will also try to take advantage of a 58th ranked pass defense. For more on the matchup, check out What you need to know: Georgia Tech.

With new play-makers and old stars on both sides of the ball, the Cougars know what they must do in order to come out with a win. The Yellow Jackets feel that they can come home with a win and will work hard to prove this in Provo.

The game is today! Get your gear together, prep the grill and put the drinks in the fridge. Whether you are going to the game, tailgating, or watching from home, the time is short to get your affairs in order. Game Day Is Here!

Join us for kick off and the game day thread as we cheer, groan, and root on our team right here from our TV's and computers. Don't hesitate to participate as we are all cheering on our BYU Cougars. GO COUGARS!