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VTF in the Press Box Tonight

BYU has offered us a pass into the press box for tonight's homecoming game against Georgia Tech!

George Frey

Writer Josh Cann, who most recently brought you the great article: "Taysom Hill: an elite in training," will be covering the game from the Cougar Social Loge in the press-box.

Why should you care?


1) Josh will be "in" on all the social media buzz going on in the box and will be sharing his knowledge in the Game Thread and on Twitter. Watch our site and Twitter account (@vanquishthefoe) for updates.

2) Josh has been invited to a prime seat to cover the post-game interview with Mendenhall and the players. He'll have  a post-game interview article for your review just as soon as it happens. So keep an eye out for that.

You got us here. We wouldn't have gotten here without you.Thank you for all those that continue to read our blog and keep up with us on Twitter. Keep up the conversation and you'll continue to help us open up doors to get the most inside look at the Cougars around. Thanks again for your help and prepare for the game with a few questions to ask Josh while he's in the box.