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BYU Football and Week 8 TV Schedule

Sink into your favorite chair in front of the TV, grab a few snacks, and only get up during half-time to use the restroom. This week's games are sure to entertain.

George Frey
"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog." Archie Griffin. Last night's game between Louisville and UCF showed that it doesn't always matter if you have a little number next to your name claiming a spot on the Top 25. Coach Lombardi said that "People who work together will win." Even if it goes against the grain of society's expectations. That's the beauty of an upset. Anyone can win.

There are a number of potential upsets this week to keep your eyes on. Ole Miss for one, barely lost to Texas A & M last week. This week they come up against LSU to try again. Without prized defensive end Robert Nkemdiche (out for hamstring), Serderius Bryant (leading tackler), Issac Gross (defensive tackle), Mike Hilton (cornerback), Chief Brown (safety), and backup QB Barry Brunetti, it'll be heart that makes an upset possible. Teams either pull together or fall apart in times like this. Should they pull it together, they'll have a good win on their hands.

Oh yeah, and BYU's playing Houston today! Cougar vs Cougar @ 1:30 MDT on ESPNNews. Catch up on your literature before today's game. Find out everything you need to know about today's match-up in Kevin Kennedy's weekly column: What you need to know. Check out Hoffman's and Van Noy's current NFL prospects in an interview with "Mocking the Draft's" editor Dan Kadar. Finally, at midpoint in the season, review where we've been and what our future looks like in the next 6 games.

Also, join the conversation on our Game Thread on (which will post at game time), on Twitter: @vanquishthefoe, or check in on what we're doing on Facebook.

Week 8 College Football TV Schedule, channels, odds, and more

#15 Georgia at Vanderbilt UGA -7 (62) 12:00 PM
#11 South Carolina at Tennessee Channel_espn_hd_logo_medium
USC -7.5 (54.5) 12:00 PM
#16 Texas Tech at West Virginia Channel_fox_sports_1_medium TTU -5 (57.5) 12:00 PM
TCU at #21 Oklahoma State OSU -7 (62) 12:00 PM
Navy at Toledo TU -9.5 (55.5) 12:00 PM
Minnesota at Northwestern Channel_espn_2_hd_logo_medium NW -12 (53.5) 12:00 PM
Purdue at Michigan St. MSU -27.5 (42.5) 12:00 PM
Connecticut at Cincinnati CIN -14.5 (45.5) 12:00 PM
Charleston Southern at Colorado CU -20 (51) 2:00 PM
Indiana at Michigan UM -9.5 (68.5) 3:30 PM
#24 Auburn at #7 Texas A&M A&M -14 (73) 3:30 PM
#9 UCLA at #13 Stanford Abc_hd_medium
STAN -5.5 (53) 3:30 PM
Iowa at #4 Ohio St. Abc_hd_medium
OSU -18 (55.5) 3:30 PM
#18 Oklahoma at Kansas Channel_espn_hd_logo_medium OU -23.5 (49) 3:30 PM
BYU at Houston BYU -9.5 (62.5) 3:30 PM
Maryland at Wake Forest MD -5 (51) 3:30 PM
#20 Washington at Arizona St. ASU -3.5 (67) 6:00 PM
Arkansas at #1 Alabama Channel_espn_hd_logo_medium BAMA -28.5 (48.5) 7:00 PM
#6 LSU at Ole Miss Channel_espn_2_hd_logo_medium LSU -10 (60) 7:00 PM
Iowa St. at #12 Baylor BU -33 (76.5) 7:00 PM
USC at Notre Dame Nbc_hd_medium
ND -3 (51) 7:30 PM
#5 Florida St. at #3 Clemson Abc_hd_medium
FSU -3 (64) 8:00 PM
#25 Wisconsin at Illinois WIS -14 (56.5) 8:00 PM
Nevada at Boise St. BSU -23 (68.5) 8:00 PM
Washington St. at #2 Oregon Channel_fox_sports_1_medium ORE -39.5 (73) 10:00 PM
Utah at Arizona AZ -4 (69.5) 10:00 PM
Oregon St. at California Channel_espn_2_hd_logo_medium OSU -10.5 (69.5) 10:30 PM