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A Tale of Two Broncos Game Thread

It's Friday night. The sun is on its way out and the lights will soon illuminate LaVell Edwards Stadium for one of the biggest defensive games of the year. A win will surely be based on how the defense played tonight in this battle between Broncos.

Otto Kitsinger III

Broncos are known as the wild, untrained horses of North America. The broncos of the wild west were never trained to the saddle, making them completely unpredictable should anyone try to ride one. Even if you could get up on one, you'd be face down in the dirt within moments. They are strong and independent creatures, guided by instinct more than training.

Last year's game was a battle between defenses (and to be honest, a lot of missed opportunities on the offensive side), but mostly a battle between defenses. And there's not much reason to think it won't be the same tonight.

Bronco Mendenhall is bringing in his nationally acclaimed defense (ranked 12 in the country), led by an expert set of linebackers. The Boise State Broncos are used to beating BYU. They've done it 3 times now and don't plan on breaking that streak anytime soon.

It's true that Boise is without their starting quarterback, but that's not going to help our offense score more points. It's true that Taysom hill has been doing much better in the scoring department, but how's that going to stop a defense that saw and stopped him last year?

Tonight's game will be a battle of strength, like two wild horses fighting for a mare, in true Bronco fashion.

The question is, who will hold out through the game? Bronco's, or Kwiatkowski's?

Being the biased Cougar fan that I am, my money's on Bronco Mendenhall's defense. Guess we'll see though. Join the conversation here!