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Daniel Sorensen Gave Scare Against Boise

#9 Safety Daniel Sorensen gave Cougar fans a scare tonight when he went down after making a timely tackle in the second quarter.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Sorensen took Jake Hardee's knee to the helmet in a wild, diving tackle that shook Sorensen up for several minutes over by the Broncos' sideline. He was down so long you'd have thought he was going to be taken off in a stretcher. You can see a GIF of it on here.

Jake Hardee is a 6'-3" TE, weighing 240 pounds. Any man that size barreling down on you in big pads and carrying a small, coveted brown ball is sure to leave an impression.

Daniel Sorensen ain't a pushover either though. Standing at 6'-2" and weighing 208, this man is a solid safety that doesn't mind taking a few hits for the team. He often is a key play-stopper on our defense. I'm sure when he dove for Hardee's feet, he was thinking he'd weather the tackle just as he always had.

Daniel left the game at that point, not even halfway through one of the most anticipated games of the year. And although we haven't heard much about his condition since then, we have reason to hope. He was helped off the field (not carried on a stretcher) and is likely resting, though we'll keep you updated on anything else that may come to pass.

Mike Hague was also down for a few minutes after a tackle in the backfield. He too was helped off the field with no seemingly lasting injuries. We can only hope the best for this man. (p.s. did  you know that this is technically his 6th year on the roster? Injuries in what was to be his sophomore and senior years have kept him from being able to play fully. He also started at BYU as a running back back in 2006, but changed to Safety after returning home from his mission in Knoxville, Tennessee several pounds too light for a running back.)