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Dallas Reynolds picked up by New York Giants

After a year starting at center for the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Reynolds gets a chance to shine for the New York Giants.

Dallas Reynolds mans his spot along the Eagles offensive line
Dallas Reynolds mans his spot along the Eagles offensive line
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants signed former BYU standout Dallas Reynolds to their squad on Tuesday. Dallas was a starter for Andy Reid on the Eagles last year at center, but apparently didn’t fit with Chip Kelly’s new offense and was cut this summer from the team. Reynolds will join an offensive line that has been riddled with injuries.

Dallas entered the NFL back in 2009 and has spent the bulk of his time in the NFL on practice squads. It wasn’t until last season that Dallas played a predominant role on the 53 man roster. He started 14 games in place of injured center Jason Kelce and saw action in all 16 games last year for the Eagles.

The plight of an NFL journeyman can often be discouraging as a player moves between practice squad, roster spot, team changes, coaching changes and not being on any team at all. A fact finding mission using advanced journalistic techniques (Google) indicates that Dallas has fared quite well financially as a journeyman in the NFL. One year’s earnings far surpass what most people can make in many years of work.

The Provo product grew up in the shadow of Y Mountain and played his High School football at Timpview High, right down the street from LaVell Edwards stadium. Some may forget, but Dallas started 50 games while wearing Cougar blue, playing offensive tackle and center. Not many football players can break into a starting role during their freshman year, but Dallas was competing for a spot on day one.

The Reynolds brothers have had varying levels of success in the NFL, but all of the them enjoyed great careers at BYU. There have been four Reynolds brothers who have anchored the BYU offensive line at one time or another and a few of them were even able to play at the same time. The senior statesman of the group, the fitting Lance Reynolds Sr., coached at BYU for 28 years until deciding to retire last year.

With injuries abounding for the Giants, Dallas is in a good position to play a lot this year. Many Giants fans have been upset with how the offensive line has performed during the season thus far and the situation seems ideal for Dallas to come in and win a starting spot. The center is often an overlooked position in football unless something goes wrong with a handoff to the quarterback. With a few years of experience under his belt Dallas should be able to quickly assimilate to the Giants system and make a lasting impact on the team.