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Mid-Major College Football Top 10

This week we introduce a new poll, a fair poll to assess the performance of those non-AQ football teams out there.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Mid-Major College Football Top 10 is a new kind of poll directed solely at the conferences that don't have automatic bids into the bowl games.

If you are a BYU, Fresno, Boise State, Ball State or any other non-AQ conference football fan, then you're likely one of the many people wanting recognition. In many cases, a few of these teams feel gypped of it due to the big AQ teams. So that's why we created the Top 10 Mid-Major College Football Polls.

What you're not going to see here is the same Alabama, Oregon, and Clemson teams hogging the top spots all season long.

What you are going to see is an excellent Fresno State team gracing the number one spot. It's here that our Cougars can secure a place until we can make our way back into the national spotlight.

The poll is decided by one voting member from Hustle Belt, the Mountain West Connection (MWC), UB Bull Run (University of Buffalo), VTF (BYU!), and Cowboy Altitude (Old MWC opponent Wyoming). Votes are cast and points are given according to rankings given. This will be a weekly poll so look for it at the beginning of every week (Early Tuesday by the latest). We'd love to hear your opinions on this matter so let your voices be heard and let's make the Cougar vote count the most. We will be considering our conversations in the comments in our next week's vote. For now though, check out the rankings and give us your knee-jerk reactions!

Rank Team Record Points Previous
1 Fresno State 5-0 (2-0 MWC) 39 (3) N/A
2 Northern Illinois 5-0 (1-0 MAC) 37 (1) N/A
3 Ball State 5-1 (1-0 MAC) 25 N/A
4 East Carolina 4-1 (2-0 C-USA) 24 N/A
5 Boise State 3-2 (1-1 MWC) 21 N/A
6 Ohio 4-1 (1-0 MAC) 17 N/A
7 Bowling Green 5-1 (3-0 MAC) 16 N/A
8 BYU 3-2 (IND) 13 N/A
9 Tulane 4-2 (2-0 C-USA) 6 N/A
9 Wyoming 3-2 (1-0 MWC) 6 N/A
Others Receiving Votes: Western Kentucky (5) Navy (4), Marshall (3), Utah State (3)