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A moving picture tribute to Kyle Van Noy.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words... this would be ~540,000 words about the man, Kyle Van Noy

Kyle can play with the big boys.
Kyle can play with the big boys.
Jonathan Daniel

The past two seasons of football, Kyle Van Noy and been rising up the ranks as one of college football's best linebackers. He has done so with with stellar play and has also racked up the statistics, getting at least one of every defensive category every year. Defensive stats include tackles, tackles for loss, sacks, interceptions, fumbles forced and recovered, pass breakups, QB hurries, and blocked kicks. Some defensive stats come to just about everybody on the defense (tackles) while others take a combination of speed, size, smarts, and sometimes poor play by the opposing offense (like blocked kicks/punts). This year Kyle just needs a forced fumble and a blocked kick to make it three years in a row.

I'm not sure how many defensive players consistently put up numbers in all categories, but I think it's a pretty spectacular feat to do it two years in a row (possibly three). Here's a look at some of those awesome stats happening in real life.


Sack against Tulsa in the Armed Forces Bowl


Forced fumble and recovery (for a TD) against University of Mississippi


Interception against Oregon State (returned for 48 yards)


Blocked punt against Idaho State (turned into points for the cougar offense)



Sack against Washington State


Forced fumble against Hawaii (this one was recovered by Hadley on the 2, leading to a Jamaal Williams TD)


Forced and recovered fumble (for a TD) against SDSU (in the "Kyle Van Noy Bowl")


Interception against Notre Dame (nice rebounding skills)


Blocked punt against Georgia Tech



Sack against Texas (so fast, he's a blur)


Fumble recovery against Boise State (he's still looking for a forced fumble this season)


Interception against Utah State (first play of the game, for a TD)


Kyle Van Noy. A man of many talents, who has given so much to BYU football over the past four years.