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BYU vs Idaho State: Game Thread

Senior Day! BYU vs Idaho State. Are you ready to talk football on the last home game of the season?

I live in an apartment complex close to the stadium. i have but to look out my window to see the amazing LaVell Edwards Stadium. When I can't go to the games, I always open my window to listen to the pregame chatter and music. Today is no different and I've heard a LOT of Imagine Dragons.

It seems like just yesterday that ushers were welcoming us back into the familiar LaVell Edwards Stands.

A place of so many memories.

A place of so much excitement.

A place of sometimes uncomfortable weather (really, snow this morning? What's going on?)

Today we say goodbye to those stands for another 9 months, and we say goodbye to our senior class forever. But not before a quick fix: Idaho State Bengals.

So on this last day of the season, let's grab our laptops, open our your favorite stat trackers, and let's talk about football for the last home game Cody Hoffman, Kyle Van Noy, Daniel Sorensen, Mike Hague, Unga, and many others will ever play.

How many yards do you think Cody Hoffman will get this game?

How many sacks by Kyle Van Noy?

How many long bombs do you expect?

How many times do you expect to see Mendenhall fired up about something?

Shhhhhh..... wait, is that the sound of the opening prayer I hear out of my window? Time to get started.