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BYU clobbers Idaho State: 59-13

Senior Day went exactly as expected. BYU dominated.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

If I could sum it up in a single sentence, Jamaal Williams spent more time wearing his blue Santa hat on the sideline then he did in his helmet on the field.

That's not to say he was injured.

That's not to say he was benched for the seniors to have time to play.

In fact, Jamaal put 18 points on the board. He rushed for a 70 yard touchdown. His only mistake was that he did it all within the first 20 minutes of the game, propelling the Cougars to an early 28 to 3 lead. That earned him limited, if any time on the field after that.

When you look at the stats, BYU dominated. And that's exactly how it went.

First quarter ended 14 to 3 to BYU. BYU's still playing first strings. There were a number of key turnovers (including an early interception on Taysom Hill.

Second quarter ended 48 to 3 (much to the joy of BYUtv's Brian Logan who predicted the Cougars would put up 42 points before the end of the first half). BYU began to trim back on its starters.

Third quarter ended 59 to 10. Longest quarter of my life. Nothing was happening as the coach's called extremely conservatively.

Fourth quarter finished the game. BYUtv said it best: "They may be pulling kids out of the stands and putting jersey's on them." The field was full of players with names we had never heard before and jersey's that had never touched grass. Olsen? King? Doman? They were all getting playtime.

Highlight defensive play

Brandon Kaufusi, a man built to rebound baskets and break through offensive lines blocked and intercepted a ball, turning a standard play into a pic 6. You can bet that no 6 points will ever feel as sweet to him as these did.

Highlight offensive play

36 yard pass from Taysom Hill to Skyler Ridley. The offensive line gave Taysom time. Taysom put the ball just in the right spot. Skyler worked around close coverage to bring in the points.