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Eric Mika Taken to Hospital

If you missed the news, Eric Mika left the game Wednesday night after being poked in the eye. He was about to take the ball up to the boards when he received a hand to the face.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

-------------- Results are in --------------

It looks like Eric Mika has an abrasion on the eye.

According to Web MD, an abrasion on the eye is nothing more than a scratch on the cornea. Who knows how deep it was. If WEB MD is to be trusted though, Mika will only suffer from pain and occasional crying. He will be re-evaluated later today. Hopefully he'll be able to recover from that enough to play again very soon though.

-------------- Original Story ---------------

#50 DeAndre Kane was quickly thrown out of the game for a flagrant foul.

As of the end of the game, all we've heard is that Mika was on his way to the hospital to seek an official examination. Keeping our fingers crossed that the injury is only temporary and he'll be seeing clearly with both eyes for the games to come.

Eric Mika led in scoring for quite a while before exiting play. He ended the night with 17 points, 9 rebounds and 1 block. He's been averaging 13 points, 5 rebounds, and 1.3 blocks per game. We need him in the season to come. Not only that, but fans, family, and friends are praying for the good health of one of our most exciting new additions to the team.

Say for a moment that Eric couldn't come back for the Texas and USU games, how do you think that will affect our performance?