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Women's soccer recap: BYU bounced from NCAA soccer tournament.

On Thursday afternoon the Colorado Buffaloes put an end to the BYU women's soccer season. The Cougars end with a 15-5-1 record, but couldn't capitalize on their chances to advance to the sweet sixteen.

BYU celebrates after a win.
BYU celebrates after a win.
BYU Women's Soccer/Jaren Wilkey

After advancing to the second round of the NCAA women's soccer tournament, the Cougars were unable to capitalize on their opportunities and are headed home after Colorado beat them 2-0.  With a 15-5-1 record the Cougars ended their run just short of the round of sixteen and will look forward to improving next year.  After the Colorado win the Buffaloes will advance to face the winner of the Florida State-Ole Miss game.

First Half

The first half scoring belonged to Colorado as they took advantage of their chances and scored the first goal in the 20th minute.  Emily Paxton hit the inside post on a deflected corner kick by Anne Stuller.  Thirteen minutes later the Buffaloes scored again when Carly Bolyard took a shot from the top of the box and slipped it through Erica Owens' hands and bounced into the net.  The Cougars were unable to get anything started and appeared to be a bit flustered after the goals.  The defense was able to hold for the rest of the half and went into halftime down 2-0.

Second Half

The Cougars controlled the game in the second half but couldn't capitalize when the opportunity presented itself.  BYU scored their only goal in the 58th minute when Niki Fernandes kicked the ball into the unobstructed side of the goal with the assist going to Rachel Manning.  The Cougars would out shoot the Buffaloes 17-11 and missed out on a perfect chance in the 82nd minute.  With Marissa Nimmer aiming a corner kick to the far post, Ella Johnson tried to slip it past the keeper but failed.  The rebound went to Cloee Colohan but her shot ended up hitting the post and was cleared.  The Cougars could not put the equalizing goal into the net and watched their season slip away.

Ending of the Season

After a wonderful season the Cougars were able to provide their fans with exciting games and another visit to the tournament.  After the game, Coach Jennifer Rockwood said "I think we exceeded expectations this year.  Especially after what we were able to accomplish last year.  I'm really proud of the team."

Even with the loss of the impact seniors on last years team, the Cougars were able to piece together another great season and provided the school another championship team.