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BYU vs Notre Dame Game Thread

Freezing temperatures, another holy war, and a win?

It's Cold

Temperatures are expected to be a chilly 27 degrees. Add 50% humidity and 20 mph winds to the mix and we are talking one frozen game. Find out what that would feel like in this interesting New York Times Investigation. In one of the last big games of the year, the Cougars are going to have to find a way to deal with the cold to win the game. Provo ain't warm by any stretch of the imagination, but it certainly isn't THAT cold yet.

Who's Holier? Notre Dame or Utah?

Isn't the name "holy war" more appropriate between 2 universities that are directly religious related? To the eyes of the world, Utah is just another Mormon school, so the name makes sense... though I'm not sure how many Utes like to hear that. Although I would never want our rivalry with Utah to end, maybe there's some room for Holy War 2: Revenge of the Irish. You know, like some sequel story that is never quite as good as the first, but everyone HAS to see it.

We've already played the Irish an astonishing 7 times. This is no longer about revenge, but about a tradition that's building. How much do you want to see the tradition build? Vote yea or nay in the poll below. Leave a comment explaining why. Winning side gets glory.

It's About Winning

As said before, this game is one of the last--if not the last--big game(s) of the year. Some say the wolf pack won't be a problem. Nevada might argue with that. Either way, if we're going to make this November a month to remember, we have to win this game if we hope to begin qualifying for the Top 25 spot.

Notre Dame's a tough team coming into this match. They have a 7-3 schedule and a few significant wins behind them (ranked ASU).

Combined with a frigid afternoon this will turn out to be quite the challenge for our Cougars. Think they're up to the challenge?