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Great gif moments: part II

Some more gifs of great moments of recent BYU games.

Gene Sweeney Jr.

This time around I have some from the offense as well as the defense, and I actually have two from special teams, a well rounded article if I do say so myself.

Starting off, Taysom Hill doing the long jump just 'cause.


Next for the offense is kind of obligatory, Cody Hoffman's 31st career touchdown reception. It shows most of the play, not the full catch, but that's what's so great, 6'4" Cody, 1 on 1, going up and beating the corner. Automatic.


Now to transition to special teams we have Paul Lasike with a kick off return from the Texas game. The first defender he meets he just runs right over, some serious rugby training there. (this one is for user "dhan" who appropriately called it a 'Hulksmash.')


Now a shoutout to my favorite player on the team, Daniel Sorensen. We all hope for his full recovery, there were a couple of punts late in the Boise St. game that he would not have allowed into the end zone.


And now moving to the defense, we have this awesome bear hug tackle. I think the Boise RB is more than a foot shorter than Johnson.


Finally, in the Boise State game there were lots of big hits, but I think this one was the biggest, Alani Fua laying it down and forcing the incompletion. Number 81 never knew what hit him.


Thanks for reading! Hope you have gotten you BYU fix here to tide you over until next Saturday.