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Cougars in the NFL: Week 14

Dennis scored in a snowy game in Baltimore
Dennis scored in a snowy game in Baltimore
Patrick Smith

BYU fans looking for an offensive player to cheer for in the NFL can rejoice at the return of Dennis Pitta. (If you're looking to cheer on a defense, go watch Ziggy and the Lions play.) In pre-season training camp Pitta suffered a hip dislocation that was supposed to keep him out the rest of the season, but he exceeded expectations and was able to return to the lineup yesterday.

Not only did he return early, but he had an impressive debut making six catches for 48 yards and a touchdown. With 2:05 left in the fourth quarter Pitta caught a quick 1-yard pass that put the Ravens up 15-12 (with a 2 point conversion) over the Minnesota Vikings. That would hardly be the end as both teams would score twice more, but the Ravens would hang on to win. Pitta was also in the middle of an intercepted pass that was taken back due to pass interference that kept the final drive alive and allowed the Ravens to score the winning touchdown.

In his time at BYU (2004-2008) Dennis Pitta set a school record with 222 receptions, a record that was just recently broken by Cody Hoffman. As a fan of BYU tight ends, it is great to see Dennis Pitta back in action.

Here's how all the former Cougars fared in Week 14 of the NFL season:

Ziggy Ansah (Lions) - 3 tackles, left game with shoulder injury

Austin Collie (Patriots) - 1 catch for 4 yards

John Denney (Dolphins) - played, no stats

Hebron Fangupo (Steelers) - played, no stats

Bryan Kehl (Redskins) - out for season

Brett Keisel (Steelers) - not active, foot injury

Dennis Pitta (Ravens) - 6 catches for 48 yards and a touchdown

Dallas Reynolds (Giants) - active, did not play