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BYU sports news: changes at Army, Utah aftermath

The world didn't end after Utah crushed BYU in men's basketball, and we have documented proof

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Lots happened over the weekend, besides a certain basketball game that we'd probably all like to forget. First, Army head coach Rich Ellerson has been let go, firing up another round of the coaching carousel. Ellerson was only 21-40 at Army (oh, like YOU would do better), so his surprise shouldn't be a total surprise. BYU fans might want to watch this search, as it's possible another west coast assistant could be tabbed. Also, Greg Wrubell reminds us:

perhaps the next administration could be a little more amiable to a future matchup with the Cougars? Bronco DID mention that he wanted to play service academies.

BYU doesn't have time to wallow after getting blown out of the gym by Utah, as they have their last chance to grab another quality win before WCC play, against the undefeated Ducks of Oregon. If you want to get smart for that matchup already, give this a read, from our friends at Yahoo. The Ducks should present a real challenge for BYU's defense.

This statistical bowl projection shows Washington as a favorite over BYU in the Fight Hunger Bowl, but it sure looks close.

And finally, a reminder that not every BYU/Utah basketball game over the weekend was a blowout. There was also a crushing double overtime loss! Here are the details on the woman's basketball thriller, where Utah came out on top, 82-74.

If you missed it last week, here is a roundup on how BYU's football recruits, for next season and beyond, finished their seasons statistically. Lots of strong performers here.

Did we miss any big stories? Let us know in the comments.