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Matty Carlino and his evil twin, Morty

BYU fans adore Matty Carlino, but Morty Carlino is pretty unpopular.

Matty or Morty??
Matty or Morty??
Gregory Shamus

Matt Carlino seems to have dual personalities on the basketball court. There is the super-awesome version of Carlino we saw in the second half of the Washington game this week. Let's call that player Matty Carlino. And then there is the not awesome alter-ego that we saw in the first half against Washington. Let's call that player Morty Carlino.

Morty Carlino is consistently out of control and is more likely to rack up turnovers than points or assists.

Matty Carlino is an exceptional player who dominates games by pushing the tempo and racking up assists and points.

Lots of college basketball players are streaky but Matt Carlino has taken streaky to a entirely new level. Unsurprisingly, BYU fans are divided when it comes to Carlino. When Morty shows up, hordes of BYU fans get online and start calling for his head. When Matty shows up, gobs of other BYU fans get online and call out the Morty-haters for being short sighted.

In the end both groups of BYU fans have a point. BYU needs Matty Carlino to show up in order to be a legitimately good college basketball team. Likewise, BYU can't afford to have Morty out there turning the ball over.

If Morty can't be restrained, the next couple of seasons could be frustrating and disappointing for the Cougar cagers. But if Matty can figure out how to consistently show up and keep Morty away BYU could find itself in Madison Square Garden this season. Further, BYU could legitimately compete for a WCC title the next couple of seasons with Matty consistently showing up to help Haws and the rest of the boys.

So here's to less Morty and a lot more Matty. BYU's basketball fate for the next couple of seasons may largely depend on it.