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Guy Holliday: 'I'm not going to let you cheat the game'

The newly-minted receivers coach brings great passion to Provo.

Cody Hoffman brings Aztec tears
Cody Hoffman brings Aztec tears
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago, BYUtv Sports reporter Robbie Bullough spoke with new BYU receivers coach Guy Holliday about his transition to BYU. The discussion was my first introduction to Coach Holliday.

I had three impressions: Holliday brings a terrific energy and perspective to BYU; he looks like Ron Boone; and he terrifies me. Between Dr. Anae and Holliday, the BYU Offensive staff had quite the intimidation makeover during the offseason.

The interview was a treat to listen to. I've clipped some of the highlights.

On how others see his coaching style:

"I am very demanding person...very intense." "Most people think of me as a very intimidating person."

On his goal as a coach:

"When this is all over, when the ball stops, whether they are successful as people."

"On the field, when we cross the white lines, I am not going to let you cheat the game."

On whether BYU is his final stop:

"I'm hoping this is it. I really admire everything Brigham Young University stands for."

On being the only non-Mormon coach on staff:

"A lot is being [said about] not being LDS... I'm Christian. The principles are the same...As long as God is at the head, I don't have a problem."

On what he wants his WR corp profile to be to opposing teams:

"We are the toughest, most physical wide outs they've ever played against.""We are going to finish in the run game."

"At the end of the day, we are going to let the team know they are going to bring a lunch pail to play BYU receivers."

I encourage you to watch the entire clip. It is well worth seven minutes of your time. The phrase "I am not going to let you cheat the game" is one of the best I've heard in recent memory. With Cody Hoffman returning for his Senior season, with dreams of the NFL within grasp, Holliday will be a key cog in continuing Hoffman's development. Additionally, perhaps the former-UTEP man can solve the Ross Apo riddle. One thing is certain: if interviews are any indication, Holliday has entered the Utah Valley with something to prove.