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Bronco Mendenhall plans contract extension at BYU

BYU head coach inclined to stay in Provo


"Bronco Mendenhall's time in Provo is limited." This idea perpetuated over the past two years-plus, finding birth both from Mendenhall's own reluctance to sign an extensive deal, his comments about long-term coaching careers, and the strange 2012 season as a whole. This rumor increased to a near-crescendo after Mendenhall rehired Robert Anae, giving him the title of Assistant Head Coach, and promoted Nick Howell to defensive coordinator. Are these not the moves of a coach laying the foundation for his departure?

I guess not.

Mendenhall informed Jeff Call of the Deseret News that he intends to stay at Brigham Young University beyond the final year of his contract, which expires at the end of the 2013 season. Brad Rock's piece on Bronco is worth reading as he chronicles what to expect as BroncoBall moves into its second decade. As is Call's piece with quotes from Bronco himself, including one where he mentions he feels the next stage in program development is something he is ‘supposed to do.'

What changed?

Did Marc Clay Bronco Mendenhall just Rick Roll the BYU fanbase?

National writers have caught wind of the story as well. This NBC Sports piece on the weekend's news is, um, interesting?

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>The 'sizable segment' of BYU fans who want to fire Bronco are the sports version of Birthers.</p>&mdash; Zach Bloxham (@zbloxham) <a href="">March 4, 2013</a></blockquote>

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Y'all know I am the biggest Bronco Mendenhall proponent on the face of the Earth. Yes, even more than Holly. No one embodies all that BYU strives to be more than Mendenhall. BYU has never had the talent level it does now. The 2013 schedule is the best in school history. Bronco Mendenhall still has something to prove. Has his administration been perfect? No. He, like all of us, is still learning how to perfect his employ and get the most out of those around him. There is simply no one who can lead the program into the next level better than Bronco Mendenhall.

Here's to much, much more of this: